Portrait Photography

Whoever you are, whatever you do, if you want a portrait that you can be proud of, one that shows your "better side",we are here to make it happen.

Many people have an image in their mind of what a typical portrait looks like--usually very posed and contrived. We don't believe that everyone can be photographed the same, by sitting in the same spot and titling their head this way or that. We believe that a portrait is personal. It is a way to capture what you are about.

We can offer you more traditional-looking portraiture, with solid or patterned backdrops, if that is what you are looking for. We can also photograph you in your favorite location, places that reflect who you are and what you do. Whether taken in the studio, your home, your office, the ball field, the beach, the stage, the park, or anywhere else that you can think of, your portrait should reflect what you're about.

Don't settle for the department store portrait taken in accordance with their corporate training manual if you want something special.